Kate Montoya Cisneros – Canning Wild Meat

In this segment of in the Voices de Aquí series, Kate Montoya Cisneros shares memories of her mother’s love for and skill with cooking, baking and canning, “wild meat” canning in particular. Here she shares a story about this and poaching.

Thank you Kate Cisneros, for sharing these memories of your childhood, your mother and family; it is a gift to those listening now and in the future. Your memories add to our understanding and appreciation of the history and heritage of Cerro and Questa.

This segment is an edited excerpt from a longer Questa Stories interview with Kate on June 14, 2018. Listen to the full interview HERE.

This summer, we’re listening together to the voices of our neighbors; every week we share a different short story from our community with Voices de Aquí. Join us for the short broadcasts at Questa Farmers Market on Sundays or here, on our website.

Huge thanks to our collaborators at Questa Farmers Market, Gaea McGahee and all the musicians at the market for allowing us to plug into their sound system to broadcast the Voices de Aquí weekly segments.

We are also grateful to our funders! Voices de Aquí is made possible by support from the LANL Foundation Community Outreach Grant, Chevron Grants for Good and Taos Community Foundation IMPACT Grant.

Oral History of Flavio Cisneros, Part 1

Flavio Cisneros is a retired history teacher, veteran, community leader and wonderful cook, committed to recreating traditional foods from his childhood in Questa.

Date of Interview: May 31, 2018
Gaea McGahee and Claire Cote
Location: Home of Flavio Cisneros
Topics: Life story, family, local oratorio, 1918 flu pandemic, traditional foods, local traditions, early memories, military service, education, life philosophy

(1 hour 24 mins)