Above: Photo Credit, Courtesy National Archives, photo no. 521836
Photographer: Irving Rusinow, Questa, NM circa 1941 

The Purpose of the Questa Stories ~ Community Memory Project, is to establish a local oral history/story archive for North Central New Mexico, particularly for Questa and the surrounding communities, from Arroyo Hondo and Arroyo Seco to the South, to Costilla and Amalia to the North.

Taking inspiration from both traditional oral history and ethnographic approaches, as well as less traditional methods – events, conversations and the StoryCorps interview model, the hope is to facilitate the recording and archiving as well as revitalization of local stories and traditions through meaningful conversations that link generations and encourage cross-pollination of ideas, perspectives, experiences and understandings.

Photo courtesy of Claire Coté ~ Carrie Levin and Gaea McGahee, April 20, 2018


This is a collaborative community project organized by LEAP (Land, Experience and Art of Place), an affiliate of Questa area nonproft Localogy. Learn more about LEAP.

Questa Stories ~ Community Memory Project collaborates with the Questa History and Community Trail committee on installations, outreach and events.